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Last update 06/11/2010

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Annuaire d'éleveurs de chiens

Our story

Once upon a time two young children were waiting for their little brother to come into the world.
On Saturday 2nd December 1989 Sébastien was born.
But Sébastien was not like everyone : Sébastien is trisomic.

To surround their child with all their love, Nicole and Thierry were doing their best :
baby swimmer, hippotherapie, logopaedics and finally they decided to acquire a Labrador Retriever,
Densy in order to look after the little fellow’s progress.
The understanding between the child and the dog did not stop growing…

The parents, appealed by Mr. Verjans, a Labrador breeder, exposed Densy.
On the occasion of this event, the passion for exhibitions settled into the Onkelinx- De Smedt family.
With the passing meetings with other breeders, in particular Mr. Lammens,
never sparing of advice, they decided in 1991 to create their own breeding …

Of Angel's Head

In a short decade we have had the pleasure to give in magnificent puppies to passionate people,
always happy to meet us around a glass for friendship.
The complicity with these people is very important to us because
we could not confide one of our pets without knowing their intentions.
Each of our Labradors are bred in families for their beauty,
their characters and their aptitude for working. Lots of prizes decorate our trophy display cabinet.
For want of coming and visiting us to be aware of the quality of our breeding, we invite you to visit our site pages.

Our address :

Rue Hardy, 9
B - 7870 LENS

Phone : +32 (0) 65 / 228.340